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While studying for my degree in international politics, i maintained a number of part time roles within a variety of industries including; Hospitality, Leisure and Sales. Towards the end of my Degree i began a challenging role within a Telecommunications start up known as Mobile Reborn whereas i handled all Online sales on the Amazon platform and was responsible for sourcing product packaging from overseas. In addition to this, i was also tasked with liaising with graphic designers and assisting in the creation of Graphics on items such as Phone boxes, Phone cases and also assisting in the creation of a new Website. Beyond the conclusion of my Degree, of which i obtained a 1st class honours, i desired a new challenge in an exciting industry and when Luke approached me about a possible role at Beat Foods, i simply couldn't say no. Going forward, i will look to Utilise my experience in sales as well as my familiarity with assisting in brand development. This, combined with the many vocational skills i developed throughout my studies, makes the role of Graduate Business Development Manager ideal for me personally. I will hope to absorb the array of experience that both Luke and Colleen boast within this continually prosperous industry and grab the role with both hands.


Having spent my childhood moving around schools and countries due to the line of work of my parents, i quickly developed the ability to adapt socially. To this day i still credit this as one of my biggest strengths and one that i feel will be very useful within this line of work. Moreover, my biggest source of satisfaction arises from pleasing others and achieving goals and it is because of this that customer relations is perhaps one of my biggest strengths. I enjoy listening to the needs and wants of potential or already existing customers and making it my personal ambition to satisfy these requirements. Moreover, Higher education has taught me to be organised, motivated and punctual, these are strengths that will no doubt enhance my ability to succeed at Beat foods. On a personal level i see transparency as a fundamental trait that all others around you appreciate, i will continue to adopt this trait and maintain levels of commitment, loyalty and positivity to colleagues and customers.


Undoubtedly the proudest moment of my life was finding out i had received a 1st class honours degree in international politics. Having worked so hard throughout my tenure at university, this was the perfect kind of closure on what was a great chapter of my life. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN?


Maintaining a positive outlook in every aspect of life and treating everyone equally.


I love being outside and going on adventures such as Hill trekking and bike rides. My one true love however is Manchester United, having finally obtained a season ticket for the 19/20 season, i look forward to attending the theatre of dreams on a weekly basis and following the team on away day's up and down the country - Glory Glory Man united!