square pie was born in a tiny, rainswept market stall.

we believed then, as we do today, that there are few greater pleasures in life than the moment you bite into a hot, fluffy, hearty pie.

but the once beloved British classic had become a dull, mass-produced imitation of itself.

so we set out our modest stall.

we worked with proper bakers, proper ingredients and proper farms- adding our own unique twist to every recipe.

our mission was simple, to return the puff-pastry marvel to it’s former glory.


nearly 20 years and 10 million square pies later, it’s safe to say our mission was a success- but our pie-oneering spirit remains.

we are still inspired by the classic dishes of yesteryear.

we unite them with the most exciting flavours of today.

to bring to you, the people,

the great, British food of tomorrow.


SteakAlePie 2.jpg

“ we took pies from the canteen to the big screen. we reinvent British classics and make them world famous”