ben percival | senior nam: grocery


I’m Ben and I am the Senior National Account Manager at Beat Foods. I am originally from the Wirral; however, I now live in Disley, Cheshire with my Wife.



I am an organised and structured sales person with many years of experience. I initially started my career at Princes Ltd in 2009, I worked at Princes Ltd for seven years. In my last five years with the company I managed several customers within different channels including; retail, wholesale and discounters. Prior to being employed by Beat Foods, I was a National Account Manager at Goodlife Foods and Spectrum Brands. My latest move from Spectrum Brands was to broaden my experience within FMCG. I enjoyed working for an electrical brand, however my true love is food!


I have a good business-like mentality with a professional approach. I have a strong knowledge with numeracy. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts as well as providing innovative and creative solutions to problems. I am an analytical and logical thinker with a natural ability to judge complex scenarios.


I have two proudest moments in my life. My first proudest moment is of course my wedding day last year in July. My second proudest moment was 31st January 2014 when I received the ‘ALL CLEAR’ following a diagnosis of Cancer I was given in 2006 - Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.


I am a very strong believer in, ‘you get more out of things, the more you put in, you don’t get anything for nothing.’ ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ and ‘Never give up.’ These are very strong beliefs I have and have driven me to where I am today.


I have a strong passion in sport, mainly football but also Horse Racing. I am an enthusiast when it comes to Horse racing, this passion has come from being a part owner of a Racing Syndicate.